The history of the house Domur in Val Gardena



Casa Domur is a historic dwelling dating back to around 1760. Originally it was intended to serve as the premises of a large wood carving company and at the same time also as the home of the master sculptors and their apprentices. Subsequently it was the cradle of the Selva Gardena Art School, which started from the current atelier of Casa Domur and was attended by three students, including Prof. Luis Senoner. Even later, during the renovation works of the art school, Casa Domur made some spaces available for school activities. From 1920 onwards it became the residence and atelier of the Senoner family. The sculptors Prof. Luis Senoner (born in 1889) and his son Prof. Reinhold Senoner sent their artworks to Italy, to several European countries and to America. The numerous letters of thanks and appreciation for the sculptors’ artistic sensitivity and mastery are still kept in Casa Domur.

One of the first holiday apartments in Val Gardena, which at the time were a rarity, was located right in Casa Domur. Important political figures including Prince Ercolani and Senator Marescalchi spent their summer holidays with their families here. To obtain hot water there was a water heater (boiler), which the guests themselves had to fuel with wood. In 1931, as a result of a fire that broke out in the apartment caused by overheating of the water heater, the house was seriously damaged. However, it was rebuilt in its original style. The owner, Reinhold Senoner, has repeatedly renovated the “Jugendstil” building over the years with great commitment, paying particular attention to maintaining the original features of the house. Even today, nobles like the Barons van Lynden from the Netherlands, appreciate the comfort and cosiness in the Domur house.

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